The Best Snowman Ever!

The Best Snowman Ever

It was the following day after Christmas, you know, Boxing Day! Cheeky Pig opened his curtains and looked out of his bedroom window and was very, very excited to see a clear blue sky and everything was bright and white! “Yes!” he shouted. It had snowed all night long and it looked soft as ice cream and as deep as mountains of soft pillows!

He jumped off his bed, ran to the bathroom to wash and then quickly dressed in the warmest clothes he could find. He then ran downstairs as fast as he could full of excitement. “Mum! Dad! It’s been snowing! I’m going outside in the garden to build a snowman.”

After a hastily eaten breakfast, he pulled on his wellington boots, threw on his duffle coat and secured his bobble hat over his pointy ears. After finding a good spade to dig snow with from his dad’s shed he ran in to the garden ready to start his task.

His mum shouted after him, “Don’t forget, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I want to see the best snowman ever!” she encouraged.

With that in mind, he first piled the crisp white snow in to a big heap for its body, about as high as his chin. Then, he rolled a snowball up and down the garden to gather more snow until it was big enough for its head. Then, with some effort, he rolled the snowball up the front of the snow-built belly and plonked it on top of it to create the snowman’s head. Working carefully around the top he patted and smoothed the head down the sides down into the body until he was looking at a blank statue.

“Now I need to make the face”, Cheeky Pig thought to himself.

Back at the house he found a bag of coal and carefully picking out two large pieces for the eyes and smaller ones for its mouth he set to work; A carrot for a nose, small tree branches for his hair and large twigs for his arms and hands. In no time at all his snowman was finished…or was it?

“There’s something missing” he thought. “Hmm, I know… a hat and a scarf. Every snowman worth doing well needs a hat and a scarf!” He ran back to the house and looked in the cupboards but couldn’t find anything suitable. He rummaged around and there under the Christmas tree was his dad’s pile of opened presents; A beautiful red woollen scarf, a black trilby hat and a box of the finest chocolate sticks, the ones you see in ice cream cones.

“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” he remembered his mum telling him.

Back outside, he got busy dressing his snowman until standing back and surveying his handiwork. The hat was perched on the snowman’s head and with the scarf wrapped around the neck of his snowman he looked warm and snug. The snowman’s smile reflected the happy state of affairs.

“Here you are Snowman, try one of these”, he said, and with that he stuck one of his dad’s chocolates in to its mouth. “Perfect, now you are the best snowman ever!” he said, stepping away and turning to admire his efforts

Just then his dad looked out of the door! Red faced and fuming, he shouted, “Cheeky Pig, what on earth are you doing? Those are my new Christmas presents!!!”

“Well, he looked cold and sad so I thought I’d cheer him up!” laughed the little pig…..

and mum did say that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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